Monday, February 7, 2011

the dissemination of the letterman jacket.

So in the spirit of the Superbowl...

The letterman jacket that has been traditionally worn by athletes who have excelled in sports has become the symbol of the traditional and imbedded "jock stereotype". There is probably no other item that soley defines you in American high schools like this jacket. The garment has come to represent strength, masculinity, and popularity. It is a shining beacon of hope for hormonally unstable, soul-searching teens. Like a fur coat gives instant glamour, the letterman jacket gives instant cool that whips girls into a "verbal frenzy" and welcomes you into the warm embrace of a bro-mance (weird).

Freddie Prince Jr in She's All That

Azimio and Karofsky on Glee

However in urban culture, the letterman jacket has been slightly robbed of it's athletic symbolism. In some ways it's streetwear's equivalent of the little black dress. In hip-hop/urban music community, the jacket is a favourite for bringing a little bit of prep to grungy street style.

Kanye in Pastelle

Drake in Supreme (

Justin Bieber at EMA rehearsals (

The fact is now, even if you aren't a typical American high schooler, the popularity of the jacket due to urbanization means replicas are available worldwide, from retailers such H&M to Balenciaga!

Hümor at Urban Outfitters

Ladies cardigan at H&M

Ice Cream

Louis Vuitton


Letterman's have transcended their classical significance and place in American society. Whether you choose a vintage throw out from a store in Shoreditch or shell out for the luxury interpretations (although I can't imagine why), you can be assured that it's a piece that is going to stay in style for many, many years to come. 

Congratulations Packers!
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